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Jump Ultimate Stars: Star World

Chaos, Randomness, the hellish White Void, clones, and things that are... well, illegal in the real world i think... Love, Betrayal, Hellfire Missles, and Special Effects made exclusively in MS Paint. Profile (this thing) updates depending on when the story actually changes... Contains humor, manga references, stupidly animated violence because paint sucks for that kind of thing, random comments by the author, and more of that... and only 4 sprites sets not from the JUS game were used... and were harmed too... (godzilla, Kirby, Kirbehchu, and Advanced wars units) Actually, I won't lie... sprites WERE harmed in the making of this... some of which were for my personal amusment... which many found funny too...

This strange who story belongs to me, but the characters (the sprites and whatnot) arent mine.

Credit of the many sprites Ive used goes to the following usernames and the individuals who actually used the usernames that made them:

Allan Walker - Grim and Bonzai
Auron - Dereck Combow (Base sprites by: Zero MMZ and GAR)
Eve & Hibari & Kenshin & Killua & Lenalee Lee & Tsunayoshi Sawada - Mike Renner
Fuusuke - S.I.B. (I think)
Gaara & Ichigo & Kakashi & Naruto & Sakura & Sasuke„² Neimad Gon - Pakis Pride
Hiei - Bonzai
Hisoka & Kuroro Lucifer & Train Heartnet & Roronoa Zoro - Grim
Hitsuguya - Hyperlon
Kanda - Zeky (Helped by Illmatic for Mugen effects)
Komaman (Green, Red, Yellow) & Lavi & Light Yagami & Misa+Rem & Nate Rivers (Near) - -Noise-
Kurama - CommanderCool L (L Lawliet) - HARSH29
Monkey D. Luffy - Alejo
Mewtwo - Firarae (Part by McBacon)
Neji & Rukia & Yoh Asakura - Nightmare
Sanji - Grim and Alejo
Sephiroth - SpriterTrooper AKA littlespriter
Snake - ?UNKNOWN? (helped by: Knuckio the Chamelion, Des, Ton2K)
Title and other information screens & all level backgrounds - Xando


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