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Chaos, Randomness, the hellish White Void, clones, and things that are... well, illegal in the real world i think... Love, Betrayal, Hellfire Missles, and Special Effects made exclusively in MS Paint. Profile (this thing) updates depending on when the story actually changes... Contains humor, manga references, stupidly animated violence because paint sucks for that kind of thing, random comments by the author, and more of that... and only 4 sprites sets not from the JUS game were used... and were harmed too... (godzilla, Kirby, Kirbehchu, and Advanced wars units) Actually, I won't lie... sprites WERE harmed in the making of this... some of which were for my personal amusment... which many found funny too...

To all those whom enjoy reading sprite comics, turn back and watch the characters develope from nothing, into... well, nothing really important, yet still existing...

Gaara and Sanji meet Ichigo, whom soon gets killed by Gaara. Meanwhile, Light accidentally writes his own name into his deathnote and plots to kill everyone involved in this story using Sasuke's help, while taking over the world on the side. Eventually, Sasuke is introduced to Light's Shishio army on rough terms. On one peaceful day though, that army attacks almost certainly killing everyone, when Sasuke suddenly decides to spare Sanji and Gaara's lives by summoning the deadly Godzilla.

Sasuke leaves the Godzilla to Sanji and Gaara to take care of, whom leave and get the Shishio army to attack it for destroying the main attacking force.

Soon Gaara meets Allan, a man whom apparently hates the girl scouts and Eve gets shown pictures of Light which spawn the idea to hook up with Eve and well... yeah hook up...

Sanji apparently ran into one of the remaining renegade Shishio, one that likes to ramble on and Eve complains to Allan who doesn't really care. Ichigo also apparently likes "guys with long poles". Soon Eve finds out that Gaara has the same obsession with her that Light does when she decides to ask him about Allan, the guy she wants to be with, obsessively...

Yet Eve loses Allan when his job transfers him to Nasarc, the technological capital of the world. Eve doesn't lose hope yet and decides to follow the love of her life to Nasarc, with Sanji, Gaara, and Light tagging along, leaving Ichigo alone, with Sasuke...

Unknown to Allan, he boarded the wrong plane and landed somewhere in ??? (the place that took over Texas not to long ago... apparently, well thats what the script says), while Eve and the rest of the gang are hopelessly confused about what happened to Allan once they arrived in Nasarc.

Eve desides to sell Light into slavery and when confronted by the person whom he was sold to, she tells him it was L, a person obsessed with Light. So Eve decides to go get money by "hooking" yet instead she killed her "client" the second he was off screen and mugged him on the spot.

Allan remains in ??? when he is confronted my a mysterious lad in orange whom is non other than Naruto, a ninja in training... When told he could earn money by doing ninja missions, he eagerly follows Naruto to his new master Kakashi. Kakashi, whom happens to know along with everyone else in the world that knows Naruto and Rukia are having sex , even that they try and hide it, bets on the day that they would have sex, yet when they leave Naruto runs quickly in shouting that Rukia was kidnapped. Before Naruto can explain what happened, Kakashi starts to strategically plan an assault on the Buu strong hold as if he already knew that they did it... which he strangely did...

Meanwhile Ichigo and Sasuke battle over who ate the last piece of cheese cake... And Gaara and Near argue over what anime to watch.

Back to the kidnapping... Allan Naruto and Kakashi infiltrate Buu's lair to surprisingly little resistance, suggesting that the blood they see was Rukia fighting against her captors. Then Allan meets his old buddy Fuusuke whom is fighting for the opposing side and they fight as Naruto and Kakashi keep pressing forward.

Ichigo and Sasuke decide to go to Wal*Mart to buy more cheese cake and Eve whines to L and Light about Allan possibly being with another girl.

Naruto ends up meeting with Kakashi ahead whom had already rescued Rukia, yet the read and draw like it was nothing, and Allan convinces Fuusuke to join his side...

Through apparent, presistant nagging, Light created a warp for Eve so she could reach Allan, but when Sasuke is payed to shove Eve and Sanji into the warp, not all are as they seem. Yet Light seems to be in a hell of his own when he is left with L outside of the demension and his strange thoughts, many of which are disturbing. Sanji and Eve meet up with Gaara in the white abyss demension when he beats Light at Super Smash Bros Melee, as Sanji goes on about his scarred path with Light and his record at SSBM against him.

Ichigo remains static in the normal world for some odd unapparent reason, but not for long. As he talks to Killua, Gaara's giant sand hand appears and takes him into the warp he some how made with no apparent way to make one. Sanji finds out there are no wall plug-ins. When Ichigo arrives to the abyss, he pulls a Dane Cook and kills Eve in some way related to one of his jokes. But Ichigo's efforts were in vain as Eve called Light the next day to see if the world had gone to hell to find out that L does RP Sex with random kids.

As Ichigo tells Sanji a story of his "greatness", Sanji attacks and is chased by Ichigo, when Sanji realized how flexible the demension actually was. In an engaging conversation with Gaara afterwards, they discuss a plan to escape the demension through the aid of an enormous ammounts of speed and special bars, but they need to beat someone else up to get the special bars they need. Thus enters Kirby, whom Light threw in because of his weird hat. Eve wins a bet that she would trip in front of Kirby and won against Gaara and Sanji.

In another call from Eve, she hears Light talking to L in an ackward conversation making everyone, namely 3 random people in the demension to believe they are having sex, while kirby calls up his contacts and uses them to hold a fund raiser to get money for his escape plan to get out of the hellish abyss. Along with his plans, a whole merc army joined up with him, an army stronger than the world renown Shishios. Yet the first strike fails. Light summons up a sheild and protects himself, while going all light and glowing. Charging through and ripping the soldiers to shreds within seconds.

Chapter 5 to follow

~~~Fillers are on pages:~~~
~~~27 (Eve Sprites)~~~
~~~31 (RAWRG day 1 Anime Matsuri)~~~
~~~39 (Punchs and Band Trips)~~~
~~~40 (Back from Band Trip)~~~
~~~52 (Face of Me)~~~
~~~56 (Sorry via paint message)~~~
~~~58 (RAWRG day 2 ATOM BOMB ATTACK)~~~
~~~59 (RAWRG day 3 ranting)~~~
~~~70 (Happy July 4th)~~~
~~~71 (RAWRG day 4 Canti by paint)~~~

Thanks for the time, it took forever to type up and I hope you enjoy


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