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Jump Ultimate Stars: Star World

Chaos, Randomness, the hellish White Void, clones, and things that are... well, illegal in the real world i think... Love, Betrayal, Hellfire Missles, and Special Effects made exclusively in MS Paint. Profile (this thing) updates depending on when the story actually changes... Contains humor, manga references, stupidly animated violence because paint sucks for that kind of thing, random comments by the author, and more of that... and only 4 sprites sets not from the JUS game were used... and were harmed too... (godzilla, Kirby, Kirbehchu, and Advanced wars units) Actually, I won't lie... sprites WERE harmed in the making of this... some of which were for my personal amusment... which many found funny too...

Comic Archive
1Ep 1 Ch 1: It All Begins2 Comments
2Ep1 Ch2: Gaara's Inner Anger1 Comments
3Ep1 Ch3: Star World's First Threat... Kinda3 Comments
4Ep1 Ch4: Secret Desires0 Comments
5Ep1 Ch5: Murder Problems...3 Comments
6Ep1 Ch6: Sasuke is Easily Bothered0 Comments
7Ep1 Ch2: Grand Battle0 Comments
8Ep1 Ch8: So Many Freagin Clones0 Comments
9Ep1 Ch9: Ichigo's Evil Side0 Comments
10Ep1 Ch10: PWND... Again...0 Comments
11Ep1 Ch11: Erm... Games...0 Comments
12Ep2 Ch 12: Stupid Annoyances3 Comments
13Ep2 Ch13: Does Allan Care?0 Comments
14Ep2 Ch14: Soul Caliber 2 Talk1 Comments
15Ep2 Ch15: Eve's Confession0 Comments
16Ep2 Ch16: What Gaara Thinks...0 Comments
17Ep2 Ch 17: Departure0 Comments
18Ep2 Ch 18: Reasons... Reasons...3 Comments
19Ep2 Ch19: Where Exactly is ???0 Comments
20Ep2 Ch20: Megatokyo?!?2 Comments
21Ep3: Worlds Apart2 Comments
22Ep3 Ch21: The Letter After "K" Is...1 Comments
23Ep3 Ch 22: Extra Money?!?0 Comments
24Ep3 Ch23: What You Find In ???2 Comments
25Ep3 Ch24: Sorry We Were Late...5 Comments
26Ep3 Ch25: Today's Lesson Is...5 Comments
27Eve sprites (the ones I use in the comic)1 Comments
28Ep3 Ch26: A Title Goes Here0 Comments
29Ep3 Ch27: Master's Intuition1 Comments
30Ep3 Ch28: What A Man Will Do For Cheesecake4 Comments
31First um... RAWRG day2 Comments
32Ep3 Ch29: After The Convention2 Comments
33Ep3 Ch30: Riding on a Shooting Star (Part 1)2 Comments
34Ep3 Ch31: Riding on a Shooting Star, part 20 Comments
35Ep3 Ch32: Riding on a Shooting Star, Part 34 Comments
36Ep3 Ch32: Riding on a Shooting Star, part 40 Comments
37Ep3 Ch34: Riding on a Shooting Star, part 50 Comments
38Ep3 Ch35: Passenger Rule1 Comments
39Sorry... I'm out for a bit...1 Comments
40Chapter Whatever: Back From Trip0 Comments
41Ep3 Ch36: Riding on a Shooting Star, part 64 Comments
42Ep3 Ch37: Riding on a Shooting Star: part 70 Comments
43Ep3 Ch38: The Internet, and other questions...2 Comments
44Ep3 Ch39: Riding on a Shooting Star: Part 80 Comments
45Ep3 Ch40: Riding on a Shooting Star, Conclusion2 Comments
46Episode 4: Warped Zone0 Comments
47Ep4 Ch41: Why Does Light Have A Warp To Allan?!?1 Comments
48Ep4 Ch42: Light's Wrath, Muhaha2 Comments
49Ep4 Ch43: Subject to Torture2 Comments
50Ep4 Ch44: Is Now A Good Time To Tell You???4 Comments
51Ep4 Ch45: Tribute1 Comments
52Well I was bored and I had a camera phone1 Comments
53Ep4 Ch46: A Call From Eve1 Comments
54Ep4 Ch47: White Screen2 Comments
55Ep4 Ch47... I think... *checks*... nope... Ch48: Scary Hats2 Comments
56Sorry for meh disapearance1 Comments
57Ep4 Ch49: What People Do In Hellish Alternate Demensions7 Comments
58RAWRG day 2... ish1 Comments
59another RAWRG day...0 Comments
60Ep4 Ch50: Even These Characters Are Pervs...4 Comments
61Ep4 Ch51: Word Dawg...1 Comments
62Ep4 Ch52: M358 Hellfire Rain Launcher1 Comments
63Ep4 Ch53: Who They Were Dealing With1 Comments
64Episode 5: The Next Great War3 Comments
65Ep5 Ch54: Rancid Darkness... (no it doesn't smell... dorks...)2 Comments
66Ep5 Ch55: Stupid American Anime Dubbing1 Comments
67Ep5 Ch56: L's Announcement1 Comments
68Ep5 Ch57: What The Hell Are You Thinking???1 Comments
69Ep5 Ch58: RAWRG... the NON filler...3 Comments
70July 4th ^.^ parteh1 Comments
71RAWRG day 4 ^.^1 Comments
72Ep5 Ch59: Needs and Wants1 Comments
73Ep5 Ch 60: Enter Zoro; Exit Bimbo?1 Comments
74Ep5 Ch61: It wasn't Light!?!1 Comments
75Ep6 Ch62: The Green6 Comments


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